Our Mission

Since its inception in 1989, Image-X’s objective has been to set forth the gold standard for technical innovation, customer retention, and long-term adaptability with the ease of implementation. We also infuse a unique standout approach in customer relations; associating our clients with name, faces, and voices, and reject the idea of a number system.

  • Image-X mission is to provide innovative solutions and technological advancement in document and content management, workflow, cloud/internet security, and electronic filing systems.
  • We strive to break the mold in software customization by taking your ideas and making them a thing of the past.
  • We believe our software should be categorized as an asset not a liability.
  • Our goal is not to spend money in advertising our products, but have our products advertise themselves through the users that rely on them day to day.
  • Our products are designed with scalability, flexibility, and efficiency for long term strategic goals and relationships.