White Papers

Solutions paving the way to a paperless society outlines the way organizations can increase Return on Investment via XML document exchange solutions.
Ease Life
highlights how ecommerce solutions to collecting child support can increase total collections by a county. This White Paper also highlights, how e-filing solutions can ease the back-end work for online payment methods
Homeland Security
How the United States can maintain control and security over cargo shipments while enhancing the speed and cost efficiency of shipping networks.
50 Million Pages
Explores how the nations courts cope with recording thousands of cases resulting in high filing and data entry costs. EDMS organization structure is the answer to the dilemma by providing a scalable, accurate, easy to use, efficient and cost effective solution.
Cutting Down On Red Tape
Outlines how organizations can garner positive returns on investment quickly and easily by implementing XML Document/Data exchange.
Unfolding the Possibilities
Centers on how XML and electronic document management systems (EDMS) are changing the way county clerk and other keepers of records are indexing, storing and retrieving maps. When implemented electronic map imaging systems can produce significant and quick returns on investment.
Linking it all explores how combining XML document and data exchange with data mining and warehousing creates a rapid return on investment for agencies looking to enhance their homeland security platforms.
Child Support
To learn more about our capabilities please read our document "Full Child Support for Everybody" which describes an online child support solution that significantly reduces paperwork processing time.Click here to download the complete document.